Welcome to Green Mantle

Established in 1992, Green Mantle are proud to be regarded as the experts in delivery of high quality and appropriate wildlife habitat management.

We cover an area of approximately 400 square miles between Bristol, Bath, Yeovil and Bridgwater. This region includes the unimproved wetlands of the Somerset Levels, the jurassic limestone grassland areas of the Cotswolds, and the upland woodlands and meadows of the carboniferous limestone Mendip Hills.

Most of our sites are registered Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and National Nature Reserves (NNRs), although we are keen to maximise the wildlife potential of any given areas of land, be they urban, rural, or degraded sites requiring specialist restoration techniques.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today for advice on how our bespoke range of practical management services can help you to realise the maximum potential of your land for the benefit of wildlife with immediate effect. We can guarantee that you will receive a friendly and professional reception from our trained and experienced team.

Winner of the 2024 Southern Enterprise Awards

We are proud and delighted to have won the 'Best Habitat Management & Conservation Services 2024 - South West England' in the SME Southern Enterprise Awards.

  • Carbon calculator
    Carbon calculator

    Carbon Calculator

    By acknowledging
    responsibility for
    emission of
    gasses released
    from all staff
    travel and
    machinery use
    (including that
    produced during
    its manufacture),
    we now use a
    'carbon calculator' to ascertain how much it would cost to plant enough trees to absorb the equivalent amount of CO2.

    The resulting sum is donated annually to Rainforest Concern, thus protecting precious acres of increasingly rare and strategically located rainforest.

Thought for the day...

“Our biological heritage allows us to delight in the intricacies of our surroundings and biodiversity. This ability can facilitate a creative interaction with our immediate surroundings”

~ Arne Naess