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Green Mantle is interested in, affiliated with, or supports the ideas behind the following web sites. There are also various book reviews and other inspirational resources we would encourage you to have a look at via these links. Although they are included here, for links to sites and information specifically about Deep Ecology, please see our Ecosophy page here.

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  • Capra, F. (1997) The Web of Life: A New Sythesis of Mind and Matter
    Harper Collins, London
  • Devall, B. (1988) Simple in Means, Rich in Ends – practising deep ecology
    Green Print
  • Drengson, A. & Devall, B. (Eds.) (2008) Ecology of Wisdom, The Writings by Arne Naess
  • Harding, S. (2006) Animate Earth
    Green Books
  • Kumar, S. (2002) You Are Therefore I Am – a declaration of dependence
    Green Books
  • Leakey, R. (1995) The Sixth Extinction
  • Leopold, A. (1949) A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There
    Oxford University Press
  • Naess, A. (1989) Ecology, Community & Lifestyle
    Cambridge University Press
  • Naess, A. (2002) Life’s Philosophy – reason and feeling in a deeper world
    University of Georgia Press
  • Real World Coalition (1996) The Politics of the Real World
    Real World
  • Rothenberg, D. (1993) Is it Painful to Think? – Conversations with Arne Naess
    University of Minnesota Press
  • Roszak, T. (ed.) (1995) Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth; Healing the Mind
    Sierra Club Books
  • Seed, J. In Devall, B. & Sessions, G. (1985) Anthropocentrism In Deep Ecology: Living as if Nature Mattered
    Gibbs Smith Publishers, Utah
  • Seed, J., Macy, J., Fleming, P. & Naess, A. (1988) Thinking Like A Mountain Canada
    New Society
  • Sessions, G (Ed.) (1995) Deep Ecology for the 21st Century
  • William Sutherland & David Hill (Eds.) (1995) Managing Habitats for Conservation
    Cambridge University Press

Thought for the day...

“The only wisdom we can hope to attain is humility”

~ T.S.Eliot