Nature conservation contracting and wildlife habitat management services in South West England

We can offer you a diverse and bespoke range of services designed to maximise the wildlife potential of any given area of land. In addition, our close association with Davies Ecology Ltd allows you, the customer, to benefit from a cost effective "one-stop-shop" by enabling you to procure the services of both ecological consultancy and practical habitat management in one place.

Habitat Management

Unimproved limestone grassland restoration & management

  • Scrub brushcutting/clearsawing, raking and burning
  • Bracken and bramble control
  • Wildflower plug planting
  • Vertical, high level and difficult access scrub clearance

Wetland management

  • Management of willow and alder encroachment
  • Ditch and ditch edge management
  • Reedbed management
  • Willow pollarding
  • Sensitive burning on raised platforms

Hedge management

  • Hedge laying
  • Hedge planting
  • Hedge coppicing

Woodland management

  • Hung-up /damaged tree removal
  • Clear felling/crosscutting
  • Rotational coppicing
  • Selective thinning
  • Removal of non-native tree species
  • Tree planting
  • Ride creation and management (including tractor-mounted flail)

Arboricultural works

  • Tree surgery
    • Section felling
    • Crown reduction, thinning and lifting
    • Dangerous limb removal
    • Emergency call-out

Fencing and Public Rights of Way work

  • Strained stock netting
  • Post & rail
  • Gate hanging/Stile erection
  • Footpath maintenance
  • Boardwalk installation

Wildlife Pond Construction

  • Mechanical digging
  • Hand digging
  • Dipping platform construction
  • Dew pond restoration

Weed Control

Including control or eradication of bramble, bracken, stump re-growth and non-native invasive species

  • Knapsack spraying
  • Stump treatment
  • 'Nomix' spraying


  • Dry-stone
  • Lime mortar

Organic / Non-mechanical Management

  • Axe felling
  • Scything

Bushcraft Tuition

  • Traditional fire lighting techniques including use of friction
  • Wild food
  • Shelter building
  • Advanced open-fire cookery
  • Tracking and trapping techniques

Ecological Consultancy (Davies Ecology Ltd - associated company)

  • Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey
  • Protected species survey:
    • Great crested newt
    • Dormice
    • Reptiles
    • White-clawed crayfish
    • Bats
    • Water vole
    • Otter
    • Badger
  • Protected species mitigation such as:
    • Installation of amphibian or reptile fencing
    • Reptile translocations
    • Bird / bat box erection
    • Badger mitigation works / sett closures
  • Breeam assessments
  • Wildlife garden design and planting
  • Habitat management advice

Thought for the day...

“Progress has, in all seriousness, been measured by the rate of energy consumption and the acquisition and accumulation of material objects”

~ Arne Naess